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Clay Huckins

“…Blake went above, beyond, and the extra 10 miles to make this sale. We will never forget all that he did to make this transaction a done deal.…”

Jean Driggers

“… I would highly recommend Blake if you are in the need of a real estate agent. He just sold a property for my family. He is honest and knowledgeable and makes the process simple. His contract negotiation skills are excellent and he uses technology to present your property in the best way. He is available for any questions and keeps you up to date on the sale status. Give Blake a call!…”

Sarah Hill

“…Blake has been very professional and helpful in helping us locate a new home. He is always willing to meet us when ever we want to see a home. He also has been willing to do any research needed to find us our perfect home. It has been a real joy and pleasure to work with Blake.…”